Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had an air raid drill for the entire city today. It was pretty crazy. The siren was ridiculously loud. For the next hour, there was an eerie silence. No cars, no people, nothing.

You got slapped with a $1000US fine if you were seen outside. It was like a citywide game of hide and seek.

We were stuck for an hour. So we just sat around and hung out. Just got back to the office... great way to spend an afternoon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Jobbage

Alright, so I haven't updated this in a bit... been a bit busy with the new job. Yes, that's right, new job. My school tried to give me the old one two, so I left. Anyway, for those that don't know, I'm now a code monkey... web and mobile development mostly.

Anyway, I'll post some images later. I've got some pretty cool ones, including cool foods. I ate an egg that was soaked in horse piss to cure it. It tasted like an egg soaked in horse piss. Other crazy stuff includes a whole fish (head and all) that you eat in one bit. It is full of eggs, so it pops when you bit into it. More shrimps... whole shrimps. One of my Taiwanese buddies eats the whole tail, skin and all, then sucks the guts out and then chews on the head. I had scallop juice. Juice from scallops, the seafood.

Found a pretty cool pub near our place. It is Irish, so should I ever feel home sick, I think I'll just grab some lamb stew and Guinness. I've been walking around a whole lot. Just getting my bearings up here in Danshui.

Alright, well back to code monkeying.