Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold toilet seats

Alright, so toilets here are sometimes outside of the building, in both apartments and office buildings. Normally, I don't mind so much. In fact, I usually consider it better. However, today I realized the error of my ways. Early this morning, the temp clocked in at about 8 C, which isn't too bad, except that you look at an outdoor freezing cold toilet seat with a bit of apprehension.


The Mighty Yam said...

Its only painful for a couple seconds either till your cheeks get numb or you warm up the seat. Interesting that you have an outdoor toilet.

Heady Mead! said...

Well, it isn't outdoor, as in no roof. It is a separate little building. Honestly, in summer it is cool, but man, in winter. It is painful. Good thing it is already starting to heat up here. It was 24C today.