Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gender-based port-o-potties

No, that is not a clever name. Yesterday I walked by gender separated mobile bathrooms. I find this funny, since in this country, public restrooms are hardly... up to standards. At a building I frequent, the men's bathroom doesn't have a door, or a nifty windy corridor to separate it. This would be okay, except there aren't any splash guards either, so you must resort to an awkward half body turn to shield yourself from anyone who happens to be walking down any nearby hallway.

Also, in one of the nearby restaurants, there is a "men's" and "women's" bathroom. In truth, they are the same room. The urinal is separated by a thin, torn, and quite small sheet. This is the men's room. The women's room is a squatter toilet, separated by the same type of sheet, although it is slightly larger and in slightly better shape.

Yesterday, a homeless woman dropped trow and did her deed on the sidewalk of a busy intersection... the same sidewalk I was on... in fact, right in front of me.

So, thank you, Taiwanese government for dropping twice as much money to have gender-based mobile toilets in order to protect my delicate sensibilities. Seriously, I don't know if I could use a plastic bathroom that someone of the opposite sex has used recently.

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The Mighty Yam said...

Kooties must exist in any country.