Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, this is Asia and part of Asia is scooters. Scooters are everywhere and everyone who drives a scooter, which is everyone, is crazy. Not just normal crazy, but frat boy, break a bear bottle on my head, streak through main hall, pick a fight with a dozen hobo's then pass out in front of a police station with knife wounds crazy.

The reason I'm bringing this up is I saw an accident this morning. Several times, I've wandered past a destroyed scooter, shattered plastic and glass, in the middle of the road, but today I saw one... right in front of me. It wasn't bad, not at all, but the conditions made it funny.

I was waiting to cross the street. In Taiwan, you never jaywalk... mainly because people run red lights left and right. There was a cop directing traffic. There wasn't any issue with the traffic light, it is just that no one pays any attentions to things as inconvenient as traffic laws here and the cops are meant to reenforcement the concept of "legal driving." Well, it doesn't really work... even with the cops.

Anyway, this dude on a scooter ran a red light right in front of the cops. The police woman did what the Taiwan police do best, ignore any law breaking. Well, a SUV, legally crossing the road, slammed into this tiny scooter... I must give scooter man props, he did a pretty awesome ninja like bob and weave to keep his scooter upright, then with criminal like speed, fled the scene.

It was chuckling because the police chicky didn't even turn her head.


The Mighty Yam said...

So are you going to get a scooter? You should have grabbed that guy's scooter who got hit by the SUV. Sure you would have had to straighten out a couple peices of metal, but hey, free scooter!

Are the cops there allowed to shoot people?

Heady Mead! said...

Umm... yes. But they wouldn't.